Commercial Photography
Professional photo are crucial for any successful business. Commercial photography can include food, advertising, automotive, corporate, fashion, product, real estate but I'll also cover anything else you can throw​​​​​​​ at me!
Portraits and headshots are taken 'on-location' as per a client's needs and requests. Photoshoots are avaliable for different styles of portraits such as professional (i.e for business and corporate usage) or more personal/casual (i.e. for posting on social media or sharing with family etc).
Events & Celebrations
Event photography is an important part of remembering the special moments in life; whether it be weddings, large-scale gatherings or other celebrations; they are moments you don't want to forget! By hiring an event photographer, you can always look back on highlights of the event. I strive myself on capturing natural and candid moments, to make sure the photos you recieve are authentic and truly represent the event.
Film & Video Production
When it comes to video projects, all stages of production are taken care of, to ensure you get a quality result. This means before filming, plenty of planning goes into the project first. Once a plan is set, then the filming can begin, that's where it gets exciting! From there, the video will be cut and edited. This will include colour correction and colour grading, visual and special effects, should the project require it, and of course, a finely tuned and well-crafted sound design, because the video itself, only makes up half of the viewing pleasue. The other half is made up a brilliant sound design. All of these elements combined, lead to a great end result.
Photoshop & Image Manipulation
Sometimes access to a location is limited, or elements in frame are ruining a shot. Other times you just want to change things up and create a stylized shot; whatever the reason, this is where Photoshop and 'image manipulation' comes into play. It allows you to change an image from looking quite ordinary, to pretty extraordinary or magical. There are many reasons why you may want to manipulate an image, but sometimes it is crucial to getting the desired shot.
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